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  Title Customer
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 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) US Environmental Protection Agency
Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC) US Air Force
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Consolidated Acquistion of Professional Services (CAPS) Team Member US Air Force

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Project Summaries

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Contract Type:  Fixed Firm Price
Contract No:      EP-C-06-088
Date Award:       01 Oct 2007
Term:  Base plus 2 options years

Work Description for the following areas:

  1. Operation NCEA Information Center
  2. Operation Technical Information Unit
  3. Provide Technical/Non-Technical writing
  4. Provide Word Processing and Graphic Support
  5. Provide Technical Support in Support of Performance Work Statement
  6. Maintain Inventory of Government Furnish Property
  7. EPA Library

ECFlex provides technical writing, editing and guidance of clients for user manuals and preparation of training video.
When contractor receives Government furnished property (GFP), the contractor should receive, from the transferor, (either EPA or another contractor) all of the applicable data elements needed to maintain the required records.

When, at the written direction of the EPA CO, the contractor transfers GFP to another contractor, or another Agency, the contractor shall provide the applicable data elements.  Upon return of the property to EPA, the same data must be provided by the contractor to the EPA CO.

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Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC)
Contract Type:  Firm Fixed Price
Date Award:      01 Oct 2007
Customer:         Air Force (Foreign Military Sales – FMS)
Contract No:     FA8630-07-C-5003
Term:                 Base plus 4 options years

ECFlex develops and maintains interactive and batch application software written in COBOL and NATURAL for the Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC) in support of PROS (The Parts and Repair Ordering System) for foreign military sales and financial management processing.

The Parts and Repair Ordering System is a major procurement system managed by the Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC) to support logistics requirements for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers. PROS provides procurement and maintenance support for a wide range of nonstandard and hard to support standard items. PROS also provides a contracting vehicle for specialized engineering and technical services through task orders. This is a tri-service program supporting Air Force, Army and Navy FMS customers.

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Consolidated Acquistion of Professional Services (CAPS)  Team Member

Contract Type: IDIQ, Firm-Fixed-Price, Time & Materials and Cost-Reimbursement
Date Award:     20 April 2006
Customer:        Air Force
Term:               One year plus four option years            

The consolidated acquisition of professional services contracts will provide for advisory and assistance services for customers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

 Each contract provides:

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